QuiteLit Lafdebaaz

QuiteLit Magazine presents the graphic adventures of a legit Desi Legend called, Lafdebaaz !!


The Hakim

In Delhi of the 1600s, resided a man known as Hakim Jaanu Hashmi, a Doc specializing in the problems of the, cough, ‘Shaadi ke pehle and Shaadi ke Baad’ kinds!

His Sex Advice columns in the local newspaper added to his reputation, as also the fact that he was a part of the Sultan’s inner circle. Given the fact that the emperor was chillin’ 24*7 in his state of the art Harem instead of attending to the Sultanate’s business, it was rather obvious that Hakim Jaanu was the Sultan’s favorite Doctor.

The Lafdebaaz

Few knew however, that when he was not busy perfecting a unique mix of Ayurvedic, Yunani, and Tantric medicines, our Bro was an undercover secret agent in the service of the Sultan.

As a Doctor, Jaanu was somewhat of a disaster, tbh. As a swashbuckling agent in the service of His Majesty, he was unstoppable AF, tho !

Much later, a dude named Ian Fleming created a character named James Bond, inspired by our Bro Lafdebaaz; according to unconfirmed sources.


That’s no ordinary bird, mind it. That’s SutteBaaz, our Hero Lafdebaaz’s sidekick.

Hakim Jaanu had rescued this bird from the jungles of Chandni Chowk and trained it to talk, sing, fight and well, fart. The bird was a Robin to Lafdebaaz’s Batman..

This bird had an attitude problem however, and often resorted to smokin’ the good stuff from the Aravali Hills, to beat the stress. SutteBaaz’s fav thing in the whole wide world was smokin’ the Peace Pipe. The bird was predictably, Quite Lit, all the time !!

So is Lafdebaaz a Hero, or a Villain?

We can say with conviction that Lafdebaaz is a Desi Legend in the mold of a hero. Nothing but good vibes from this Bro.

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